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Top Features Of Sage 50c

Intelligence Reporting

Sage 50c offers flexible reporting options that can help companies gain valuable data faster and more efficiently.

Business Performance Dashboards

The Business Performance Dashboards can record and simplify complex data sets and create visuals that provide a simple yet complete overview of performance.

Sage Capture

Utilizing Microsoft OneDrive, clients can take receipts, charge card invoices, receipts, and many other important documents.

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Mobile Invoicing and Expense Tracking

This feature lets business owners monitor costs and generate invoices at any time they need.

Cloud Document Storage

With Microsoft OneDrive, organizations can reduce documents by enabling secure file storage, access to data sharing, and much other features for files.

Sage Contact

Sage Contact integrates with Microsoft Outlook to allow users access to the necessary information such as history, contact details, and much other information, on any device and at any point.

Bank Feeds

This automatic feature links users directly to their bank accounts, allowing them to access the most current details about their finances.

Sage 50 Hosting

Companies have the option of hosting desktop-based versions that comes with Sage 50 on the cloud servers of third-party hosting providers. It gives versatility and flexibility to its users.

The most prominent characteristics offered by Sage 50 hosting are as follows:

  • Access remotely at any moment via a device that is internet-connected like a laptop, desktop computer smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
  • Ability to scale up or down resources like the number of customers, the RAM, or storage space to meet the needs of the business
  • Security measures are enhanced by reputable hosting providers to guard the information against malicious attacks.
  • Regular backups of data are essential to restore data in the event in the event of theft or loss.

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Additionally, multiple users are able to access and edit data simultaneously and edit information at the same time, which is not possible with Sage 50c. For access to Sage 50 remotely through third-party cloud hosting, users should follow the steps below:

1. Purchase Sage 50 CA licenses online through either the official website for Sage Group or you Can Purchase it from one of the best supplier of Sage 50 US Peachtree 

2. Choose a trustworthy cloud hosting provider by taking a look at the following elements:

  • Review their experiences in the accounting industry. Consider how long they’ve been in operation and what kinds of clients have profited from their services.
  • The standard security procedures to protect data from accidental loss or cyberattacks.
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement) which includes an uptime guarantee, backup policies, and a termination fee.
  • The availability and expertise of the support services offered by the cloud hosting company.
  • After securing the host the hosting provider, they host Sage 50 Accounting Software on its virtual servers. In this way, users are able to access the accounting program at any time via a remote Desktop Portal (RDP) as well as an internet browser.
  • Users are given login credentials and all data is continuously updated.


Some of the features that are included in Sage 50cIntelligence Reporting are Intelligence Reporting, Business Performance Dashboards, Sage Capture, Mobile Invoicing and Expense Tracking, Cloud Document Storage, Sage Contact Bank Feeds, and Sage 50 Hosting. These features help business users to manage their data more effectively and to improve their business performance.



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