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The Myths About Root Canal Treatment

If you’ve been recently told that you needed root canals, the odds are that once you’d left your dentist’s chair, you immediately started searching the internet for more information about this widely-known, yet under-appreciated dental procedure. The internet is an excellent source of valuable information, but it’s also awash with inaccurate and unreliable information that could lead inexperienced internet users off. These are the most commonly-held misconceptions and inaccurate information about tooth canals and root canals discomfort that are widely shared on the internet:

Following are the Myth About Root Canal Treatment :

Myth 1 The root canal treatment is painful:

There is a misconception that root canals are painful procedures. However, the reality is that root canal therapy can be used to alleviate discomfort. Root canals are required in cases where a cavity that is not treated spreads into the teeth’s pulp, which causes an infection. The discomfort that comes from it is not due to the procedure. Visit Mumbai Dental Clinic Where you will meet Dr. Siddhart Jain who provides of the Best Root Canal Treatment in Udaipur.

Dentists from Oxford Dental Centre can treat the area surrounding the affected tooth so that you won’t feel any sensation during the procedure. After the procedure is completed, the severe pain you’ve experienced previously will go away as will your tooth.

Myth 2: Getting the root canal takes several appointments:

The procedure can be completed in as little as two visits. The elements that determine the number of appointments required to finish the root canal are:

  • The severity of the infection.
  • The problem with the root canal.

Restoring the tooth following the root canal procedure is crucial for ensuring that the tooth is functioning properly. The procedures required to fully restore the tooth shouldn’t be considered as part of the process of the root canal.

Myth 3. Root canals are an expensive treatment:

A root canal as well as a dental crown is cheaper than removing the tooth and replacing it with a bridge or dental implant. Costs depend on how many canals the tooth has if this is the first time that the root canal treatment l is created or retreated, or who does an operation to create the canal (general dentist, or specialist).

Myth 4 The advantages of root canal treatment last only a few days:

The results of the root canal are lasting. They alleviate toothaches and help preserve the tooth for the rest of their lives. The final crown, or restoration, is crucial to achieving the success of your treatment.

Myth 5: A great alternative to root canals is tooth extraction

In some cases, in order to avoid the expense of more time and money on an operation to treat a root canal the patient opts for an extraction of their tooth. However, patients may not realize that an extraction of a tooth will eventually lead to more complex procedures and expensive tooth replacements. Following removal, the lost tooth must be replaced by restorative dentistry procedures like bridges or dental implants, which means that it will require more hours in the dentist’s chair, and procedures that are more costly than a simple root canal.

In addition, Root canal treatments help preserve healthier tooth structure. While bridges and dental implants can be long-lasting replacements healthy teeth always will be more durable and more effective than prosthetics.



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