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Top 5 best places to visit in Rajasthan in this Monsoon Season


Rajasthan, the land of royalty and vibrant culture, takes on a whole new charm during the monsoon season. As the arid landscape transforms into lush greenery, this enchanting state becomes a paradise for travelers seeking unique experiences. Embarking on a taxi tour to explore Rajasthan’s monsoon beauty is an excellent way to witness the region’s picturesque destinations. In this article, we will delve into the top five places to visit during the monsoon in Rajasthan while highlighting the convenience of Registhan Cabs, the best travel agency offering excellent taxi service in Rajasthan like local and sightseeing tours in the region.

  1. Mount Abu: Misty Hills and Serene Nakki Lake

The only hill station in Rajasthan, Mount Abu, becomes a must-visit destination during the monsoon. The lush hills covered in mist create a romantic atmosphere for travelers. Nakki Lake, nestled amidst the hills, adds to the serene charm of the place. Registhan Cabs offers hassle-free taxi service in Mount Abu, allowing visitors to explore the hill station’s beauty at their own pace.

  1. Udaipur: The Venice of the East

Famous for its picturesque lakes and palaces, Udaipur becomes even more enchanting during the monsoon. The City of Lakes comes alive with vibrant greenery, and the Monsoon Palace offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. With Registhan Cabs’ reliable taxi service in Udaipur, tourists can easily navigate the city and immerse themselves in its regal splendor.

  1. Jodhpur: The Blue City

The blue city of Jodhpur offers a unique charm during the monsoon season. With the arrival of rain, the blue-painted houses stand out against the verdant backdrop. Mehrangarh Fort and Umaid Bhawan Palace exude a majestic aura. Registhan Cabs ensures a comfortable and convenient taxi service in Jodhpur, allowing travelers to explore the city’s heritage and beauty.

  1. Pushkar: A Blend of Spirituality and Scenic Beauty

Pushkar, the sacred city with its holy lake and temples, transforms into a mesmerizing destination during the monsoon. The desert surroundings turn lush green, creating a captivating contrast. Registhan Cabs’ taxi service in Pushkar enables tourists to experience the spiritual ambiance while enjoying the beauty of the monsoon season.

  1. Jaipur: The Pink City

Jaipur, the Pink City, is known for its historical monuments and vibrant culture. During the monsoon, the city’s palaces and forts are adorned by the rain-washed surroundings, exuding a magical allure. Registhan Cabs offers the best taxi service in Jaipur, ensuring visitors can explore the city’s rich heritage comfortably.


Rajasthan’s monsoon season offers a captivating array of destinations that deserve to be explored. With the convenience of Registhan Cabs’ taxi services in Mount Abu, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Pushkar, and Jaipur, travelers can experience the state’s beauty at its best. So, hop on a taxi tour and indulge in a memorable journey through the enchanting landscapes of Rajasthan during this monsoon season.



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