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How it is that should we have our wedding at a resort?

Wedding is a wonderful feeling because it builds trust, peace, and companionship in a person, but it takes additional effort to make it work. One can get married in a court, a temple, or a banquet hall, but what will the extravagance of a place be if it is not done amongst your loved ones, your relatives who can bless and advise you for a mind-blowing marriage journey?

We at Everest Hill Resort, the best hotel to eat in Kumbhalgarh, would be honored to have you as a guest; we will extend tremendous hospitality to make your event memorable.

Royal Resorts in Kumbhalgarh

Each gathering has its own location-

In addition to the primary wedding ceremony and reception, you will organize cocktail parties, Sangeet parties, welcome dinners, and rehearsal dinners. If you choose a resort as the site for your destination wedding, planning these events will be easier. You can organize these events with the help of resort staff. The Everest Hill resort offers beachside, poolside, interior, and garden areas for you to personalize each of your events.

An additional day, an extra location –

If your event is longer than expected, we will make sure you have enough room. The last thing you want to stress about is finding appropriate lodging for your guests while you are busy planning your destination beach wedding. When dealing with a resort for your destination wedding, convenient lodging is an advantage. As a result, if your guests wish to stay an additional night after the wedding or plan an extended vacation, your resort can assist you.

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A genuine leisure experience

Because their wedding day is so special, every woman and groom-to-be deserves to be pampered. This is known to the facilities. Both the bride and groom can get customized body massages here. The enjoyment doesn’t end there; you can indulge in exceptional spa services in the on-site spa until you put on your bridal gown or lehenga. You can also profit from a relaxing couple’s massage after your wedding. As a result, we are known as the Royal Resorts in Kumbhalgarh.

Logistically possible

If you decide to get married at a resort, the arrangements are even easier. You do not need to make distinct plans for refreshments, meals, and so on. We provide catering, bar service, and other conveniences such as tablecloths, seats, and flower arrangements. Simply state your intentions for your nuptials. In addition, the resort has on-staff event coordinators who can help make your wedding a success. As a result, you can relax before the big day by leaving all of the preparation to the hotel staff.



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