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A luxurious desert getaway situated in Jaisalmer Activities to enjoy in Sam Sand Dunes

The holiday season will begin. The next few days, including Christmas New Year, Makarsankrati, and many more are sure to bring happiness and celebrations. Luxury tent Jaisalmer It’s normal to want to escape and relax. In this respect this article will give an overview of the renowned but unassuming spot in Jaisalmer which is the Sam Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer.

Jaisalmer is an urban area situated in the desert that is famous for the forts it has, its desert camp and Camel safaris in Jaisalmer and its lively community life, and many more. In this article we’ll discuss some exciting things you can do in Jaisalmer, a desert city. Jaisalmer. Let’s get started!

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Desert Camping

Jaisalmer is situated near Jaisalmer is located close to Great Thar Desert. The area is gorgeous and has a wide range of camping opportunities in the desert. It is possible to be accomplished by jeep or camel and jeep. You can also stay in luxurious Swiss chalets and tents while staying in the desert of Sam Sand Dunes.

The Swiss campers and cottages come with all the amenities you would expect from a luxurious hotel. Additionally, if you choose to spend your time in the desert camp of Jaisalmer or Jaisalmer You won’t enjoy an extravagant stay and also enjoy the benefits of having a huge space close to the nature.

Experiencing the Village Life

Jaisalmer is among the most lively villages which have traditional crafts and markets for handmade items. It’s also possible to go on the village safari. It is not just about being an integral part of the village but shop until you are satisfied. There’s a wide range of mirror-work clothing as well as vibrantly decorated clothes, other products like silver jewelry, other things. There are plenty of options for souvenirs that you can choose suitable!

You can also enjoy the taste of authentic and traditional Rajasthani food when you go to Jaisalmer together with the Sam Sand Dunes. A lot of hotels and camps in the desert serve different food options as well. You will get the opportunity to try different cuisines of your desires!

Places to Visit

Alongside the stunning desert safaris to the desert safaris, there are many tourist destinations in Jaisalmer including Bada Bagh, Vyas Chhatri, Jaisalmer Fort, Gadsisar Lake, Desert National Park, Wood Fossil Park, and numerous others. Each one of these spots have their own historic and architectural significance. A handful of them are listed in the World Heritage sites list, making these places essential to visit.

In case you’re planning an outing or want to enjoy your time on a vacation and want to explore nearby locations like Ram Devra (the memorial to Ramdevji), Kuldhara (the haunted village), Jodhpur (famous as the city of blue), Pokhran (the site of India’s the first nuclear experiment) and numerous other. Make plans to go to Jaisalmer for a great array of things to do in one place!



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