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What Causes Gum Pain And How To Treat It? :  Dr. Siddharth Jain

The gum problem is a very common problem that causes mild to moderate discomfort to every individual. Bleeding gums may be caused by hormonal changes, abrasions, improper brushing, gum diseases, smoking, or tobacco use. Gums provide health and stability to teeth and any disease and problem with gums may lead to serious oral diseases.

Our dentists in Udaipur advise you to visit to our dental clinics in Udaipur twice in a year for a proper dental checkup. If any problem or disease is diagnosed in the early stage can be treated easily and properly.

There are several factors that cause gum pain:

1. Sores/Ulcers: Some time due to a weak immune system or other GIT issues ulcers or sores develop and which cause gum pain and irritation. It may be caused by emotional stress and mouth injuries.

2.  Cuts/Injuries: Due to some hard biting or due to eating overheated food or hard food some cuts/injuries occur on the gums and cause pain and irritation.

3. Gum Diseases: Gum diseases are mostly known as Gingivitis. It occurs due to bacterial deposits beneath the gums and which causes inflammation. If gingivitis is not treated on time it may lead to periodontitis, which causes tooth loosening. 

4. Smoking/Tobacco: Smoking and chewing tobacco directly cause damage to gums. Blood supply is disturbed due to smoking and gums turned to black from pink.

5. Hormonal Changes: Especially in pregnancy due to hormonal changes bleeding, and swelling of gums is very common.

6. Improper flossing or brushing techniques: Brushing or flossing too vigorously or frequently can sometimes cause the gums to bleed and be painful. Ask our Dentists about proper brushing and flossing methods when visiting for your clinical examination.

7.     Sinusitis: A bacterial or viral infection in the sinuses can cause swelling of the sinus cavity. Some people with sinusitis also experience gum pain and toothache.

8.Tooth abscess:

 A bacterial infection in the root of a tooth can cause an abscess or pus-filled sac. Tooth abscesses can lead to gum swelling and pain. They can also be serious and spread to other parts of the body, so it is essential to see a dentist quickly.

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Treatment for gum pain depends upon the underlying cause.

For people with gum disease, for example, our dentist may recommend professional cleaning to remove plaque and tartar from the gums. They may also prescribe an antibacterial mouthwash, such as one containing alcohol or chlorhexidine, to kill excess bacteria and prevent the future buildup of plaque.

People with tooth abscesses may require root canal treatment. During this procedure, the dentist will remove the infected pulp or soft tissue inside the tooth, and the abscess from the root and then repair and seal the damaged tooth.

If a person has severe gum disease, our dentist may recommend surgery to repair bone or gum loss that the condition has caused. Sometimes, this can include bone and tissue grafting to encourage the growth of new, healthy tissue.

Gum pain due to sinusitis usually lessens once the infection clears up. For bacterial infections, a doctor may prescribe antibiotics.


Dr. Siddharth Jain                              

He is the Soul of this dentistry practice. A proficient dentist and Implantologist, Dr. Siddharth come with over 10 years of rich experience and niche skills in his field. His mission is to provide comprehensive dental services to all patients in an environment that is safe, reassuringly pleasant, and comfortable. Dr. Jain’s expertise goes beyond routine cases, into Implantologist, Laser surgeries, etc. He believes in constantly upgrading his skills and regularly attends conferences and workshops to keep abreast with the latest technology. He is a Member Of IDA, DCI, ISOI, and many more renowned associations of dentistry.

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