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UV Disinfection Tower – Pyrotech India

Pyrotech is one of the experts in offering UV Disinfection Tower . It is a safe and powerful tool which makes your surroundings completely hygienic. It has a capability to destroy all the microorganisms present in small areas. It easily gets rid of any kind of virus, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms present in the air.

UVC light is an extremely effective way to effectively eliminate common household germs, viruses, and microorganisms. It is better than other forms of sterilization in that it is faster, cheaper, and produces very little harmful by-products. While UV light is not 100% efficient it’s still the best option available to you as an individual or business owner as a method of sterilization and decontamination.

UV-Tower Kills 99% Virus & Bacteria in 12 mins x 2 cycles and Freshens air by reducing SO2, NO2 & PM10. The UV-Tower is a practical, safe to operate and low maintenance device which produces a spark of invisible ultraviolet light that destroys viruses and bacteria in water or spaces within 12 minutes x 2 cycles.

It is used in many places these days like :

School, Hospital, Railway Station, Airport, Shopping mall, Corporate office, Hotels, Police station, Government offices,

It have lots of amazing features like

  • Kills 99% Virus & Bacteria in 12 mins x 2 cycles
  • Powder Coated Steel Structure
  • UV-C Based, High Irradiance
  • 45 sec ON delay timer for vacancy

And many more..

If you are looking for UVC Tower Manufacturer India then Pyrotech india is one of the India’s leading manufacturers of automation & control equipment.



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