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Top Tourist attractions of Nathdwara

The lovely town of Nathdwara, located in the Aravalli Highlands, is also known as “The Lord’s Gateway.”.It really has a lovely environment and is situated in the middle of Rajasthan along the banks of the Banas River. Get the Cab service in Nathdwara and explore the beauty of this lovely city with Himanshi tours Nathdwara, Here are top 5 tourist attraction of Nathdwara:

1. Shrinath Ji Temple

Hindus have their spiritual home in Nathdwara, which is the location of Shri Nath Ji, the second-richest shrine in all of India. The city exhibits the different incarnations of the Hindu god Krishna or Vishnu in the form of temples and statues.

2. Shree Vallabh Ashram

This Ashram will give you more knowledge about the Lord back in time. The Ashram also has a little theater where a quick documentary on the Shrinath Ji Temple is shown. Hire a Nathdwara Local sightseeing taxi services  provided by  himanshi tour Nathdwara to explore the  several religious sites in Giriraj circle, including Mansi ganga, Govind kund, Puchari ka Lauta, Shree Vallabhacharya Pratham Baithak,  and others.

3. Nathdwara – A place of art & crafts

A haven for art and culture, the city is renowned for its vibrant terracotta goods and magnificent paintings in the Rajasthani style known as “Pichwai Paintings.” If you appreciate art, you will undoubtedly come across some genuine works to add to your collection or purchase some handicrafts to bring home as mementos.

4. Statute of Belief

Vishwas Swaroopam will be seen from a distance of 20 kilometers. Get a taxi service in Nathdwara as a family that tours together stays together and visits this beautiful destination with their friends and family. Also it has a gaming section for children and a foot court is located inside the dome.

5. Nandsamand Dam

This dam provides water for the whole town of Nathdwara and most of the nearby villages, and it has the potential to be a significant tourist attraction.  People come to get the fresh windy air and to embrace the natural beauty of the surrounding.

Final Thoughts

Nathdwara is a serene and tranquil setting that is all that is required to recharge and start over. Get Nathdwara local sightseeing taxi services from the most reputed Himanshi tour Nathdwara for the most memorable and safest tour.

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