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Top 5 Restaurants in Jaisalmer

There is no need to describe Jaisalmer’s appeal. Together with a variety of shops and things to do, Jaisalmer also has a number of Fusion restaurants in Jaisalmer that you should visit while there. It is worthwhile to visit Jaisalmer not only for the high calibre and genuine flavour of the food, but also for the magnificent scenery that can be seen from many of the restaurants there. You will undoubtedly have some fantastic, enduring memories as a result. In Jaisalmer, foodies of all tastes may find a spot to eat.

  1. Angaara restaurant

Aangara offers a wide range of delectable cuisine selections for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This restaurant is among the best in Jaisalmer because of its outstanding interior design. Their food is primarily traditional in style.

  1. Marvin Jaisalmer

The Paradise best rooftop café in Jaisalmer offers a lovely outlook. The fact that the service is regarded as quick is impressive. You will definitely need a cool environment after a busy work week. With the variety of visitors to this location from many parts of the world, live music is also offered here and is frequently of various genres. If you enjoy singing, you may also jam here with friends or other people.

  1. Shanti the peace restaurant

Shanti is the place to go while you’re in Jaisalmer if you want to eat and take in the gorgeous sunset. Its menu offers a fantastic selection of dishes, from Indian to Italian, and does so at a reasonable price.

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  1. Wyra restaurant

One of Jaisalmer’s best hotel in Jaisalmer, Wyra offers both private dining rooms and outdoor seats. Live cooking stations and a variety of beverages are available at Jaisalmer’s greatest rooftop restaurant. Sit under the stars and take in the captivating vista of the lovely city of Jaisalmer for a really unique experience.

  1. Fotiya Restaurant

 Food at Fotiya’s Restaurant surely has a homey flavour. They provide delicious meals in reasonable quantities and have a pleasant staff. One of the greatest places in Jaisalmer to eat real Korean food is unquestionably this establishment.

Bottom Line

Are you planning a trip soon? To enjoy exquisite eating and stunning vistas, be sure to visit these incredible Jaisalmer eateries. When you are planning a trip to Jaisalmer, keep these locations in mind so that you may fully appreciate your vacation in this stunning location.



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