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Top  3 Unexplored places in Udaipur

Have a relaxing weekend by visiting the unusual locations in the city of lakes.

Because of its splendor, Udaipur, often known as the “white city,” never ceases to astound visitors. It offers the best locations with the most breathtaking views.

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The best Unexplored destinations to see in Udaipur are:-

Heritage walk 

A history walk through the city’s lanes is the greatest way to discover the city. The amazing shops that have a touch of Rajasthani culture are located along this heritage walk, and you can also find some small cafes by the roadside where you can enjoy a cup of tea and some pakoras. The heritage walk also offers you the opportunity to visit some very small temples that are nearby. The most incredible and undervalued way to see Udaipur is on the historical walk. Although walking gives you the best experience, it can also make you fatigued. Fortunately, Anant tours are available, so using a taxi in Udaipur is a fantastic option.

Crystal gallery

Imagine walking down a hallway in a palace that is lined with some of the rarest and oldest collections of crystals you have ever seen. It sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? That is exactly what awaits you at the Crystal Gallery in Udaipur.

Maharaja Sajjan Singhji ordered this collection from Birmingham in 1887. You may ogle exquisite works of art like the magnificent crystal bed, dinnerware, and perfume bottles made of crystal.

Fees: 450 – 700

Time: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The main negative is that this gallery is closed on weekends; nonetheless, after a stressful day, visiting this location during the week might be therapeutic.

Vintage Car museum

How it might have felt to ride in old cars. A location with a collection of unusual cars would be a dream destination for a car enthusiast. This museum, which has a collection of vehicles from various eras, is an essential stop on any sightseeing tour Udaipur.


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