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Things to know about IP65 touchscreen monitors

Touch Screen monitors come with a sleek and contemporary design and are protected by an IP65 aluminum case. The models from this series feature acoustic Multitouch capabilities, which include 10 fingers or a resistance touch option. This is the perfect option for rough, harsh, and outdoor settings.


It is highly likely that when you set up an outdoor display that includes touch screens, it will be covered with dust and water droplets. it. This is the reason why fay tech’s 15″ or 12.1″ capacitive IP65 High Brightness Open Fram Touch Screen Monitor is available. It’s dust-proof and waterproof as we’ve all experienced the feeling of having our phones pulled through the water. The phone is not as sensitive to touch. With FAYTECH’s IP65 capacitive touchscreens, however, the touch remains sensitive because of the settings of the sensor that are made prior to the time. This is not a problem if using gloves or during the rainy season.

There are a variety of conditions and situations where you require an IP65 contact screen that’s impervious to dust and water. Touch screens are commonly used in commercial and industrial settings. In these settings, the user or customer can utilize the touch screen in the store at point-of-sale in kiosks, in cafes, or, in industrial settings such as control panels, and machines, or even machines that are only the beginning.

The safety of touch screens against the effects of water and particles is usually represented as an Ingress Protection (IP) class comprising two numbers.

What is that exact phone number?

A number that begins with the initial, and ranges between 6 and zero, indicates the level that protection is offered against objects made of solid material. Dimensions of objects determine this. The bigger its dimensions are the higher the amount of the object’s security against other objects.

  • 6 signifies dust-proof. The entire area is protected from dust or dust-like particles.
  • 5 is safe from the high-pressure jets (6.3mm nozzle) directly at any point.

It’s not just essential to choose an IP65 touchscreen, but you should ensure that you select one that utilizes Projected Capacitive Touch technology with adjustable sensitivity, as well as a very sensitive touchscreen (such as those made by Faytech).

Benefits of these devices

Apart from the low cost along with the reasonable price, complete IP65 protection, and adjustable sensitivities too. Faytech’s IP65 touch models provide a range of advantages, such as:

  • The models come with two years of warranty (24/7 use)
  • The devices are equipped with an all-in-one cables system that features HDMI connection to video, USB To Touch as well as an eight-36V source of power.
  • Brighter backlighting (1000+ cd/m2)
  • Adjustable brightness (with five levels to choose from).
  • 10-Finger-Multi Touch Capacitive Touch Panel

On the device’s backside, you will find fixing holes that are suitable to use for VESA 75 and VESA 100 fixing. They provide the solid fixation of any location.

These IP65 LED Framed touchscreen monitors are ideal for a variety of uses including control boards designed to work in contemporary environments, POS frameworks, computerized signage, and so on! Furthermore, there’s a wide range of possibilities for customizing that include connectors, connectors with connectors, as well as other peripherals.

  • Why us? If you’re in search of the most efficient touch screen to meet your needs, you should consider this Faytech 15 Capacitive IP65 High Magnification Touch Screen. It comes with a 2-year warranty (24/7 use)
  • They are perfect for industrial and commercial customers. In addition, it assists commercial and industrial users to avoid issues. Alongside the strength and dependability that come with IP65 certification, it also provides security and reliability. IP65 certification, it offers a variety of options for mounting and a variety of sizes and resolutions.


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