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The Thrill Of A Desert Safari In Jaisalmer

The Jaisalmer desert is ideal for attracting travelers with its abundance of sunshine and seemingly endless stretch of sand. And what better way to enjoy the beauty than a desert safari in Jaisalmer, the city of gold? There are plenty of things to do in Jaisalmer that make it a perfect place to include in a trip to Rajasthan, from walking through sand dunes to seeing traditionally dressed camels.

The heart and soul of the Jaisalmer desert safari camp are its lively evenings, where you dance to the rhythm of regional music and enjoy the glory of the moment. Here’s how the safari appeals to you: These nights are characterized by folk dancing, classical music, and the sumptuous Rajasthani thali.


There are two different types of safaris in Jaisalmer.

Here is a list of safaris you may want to consider on your next trip if you want to experience a thrilling camel ride or jeep ride while on safari.

  1. Enjoy the ride on a desert ship, which is a camel safari.

A camel safari in Jaisalmer, which covers all the major desert sites, is the most popular excursion when planning a trip to the dunes of the ‘golden city’ for a desert safari. Take a bumpy ride across the Thar while sitting on the back of a camel and holding on to the hump.

With the best flora and fauna, the journey takes you to the most isolated parts of the desert. Also, you will come across a number of settlements where the local indigenous people live. A camel safari is undoubtedly the best Jaisalmer desert safari, as you can explore the vast riches of the desert and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

  1. A jeep safari ride down a winding road.

The second most popular activity in Jaisalmer, after the camel safari, is the jeep safari, which transports you through the pristine beauty of the Thar desert in comfort and ease. Compared to camels, jeeps are fast and provide a fun ride along the glittering sand dunes. The fact that Jeep safari is the most sought-after activity among the tourists who go to the desert safari camp in Jaisalmer speaks volumes. In Jaisalmer, Jeep Safari attractions include the Fossil Park of the Desert National Park, Sam Sand Dunes, the Padholi Sanctuary, and an overnight stay in a Padholi village house. Outside influences haven’t touched them yet.

Find out why a desert safari in Jaisalmer is a favorite among adventure seekers by visiting this tiny kingdom on the Thar. Visit Marvin Desert Camp to see the top-rated Jaisalmer vacation packages and experience things you have never done before.

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