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The Supreme Court of India: Significance, Functions, and Powers

The  Supreme Court of India holds immense importance as the highest judicial authority in the country. Established under Article 124 of the Indian Constitution, the Supreme Court plays a vital role in the governance and functioning of the Indian legal system. It is entrusted with the responsibility of interpreting the Constitution and ensuring the protection of fundamental rights and the rule of law. Here, we will delve into the significance, functions, and powers of the Supreme Court in India.

The importance of the Supreme Court lies in its role as the guardian of the Constitution. It has the power of judicial review, which enables it to examine the constitutional validity of laws and government actions. This power ensures that the laws passed by the legislature and the actions of the executive are in conformity with the Constitution. Through its interpretations, the Supreme Court establishes and clarifies the legal principles that govern the country, contributing to the development and evolution of the Indian legal system.

The Supreme Court performs a wide range of functions. It acts as an appellate court, hearing appeals against the judgments of lower courts. It also has original jurisdiction in certain cases, such as disputes between the central and state governments or between states themselves. The Court exercises its power of judicial review to strike down laws or government actions that are found to be unconstitutional. It safeguards the fundamental rights of citizens, ensuring justice and equality for all.

In addition to its judicial functions, the Supreme Court also possesses administrative and advisory powers. It is responsible for the appointment and transfer of judges in the high courts and subordinate courts. The Court has the authority to issue directions and guidelines to various government bodies and agencies to ensure the effective implementation of its judgments. It can provide advisory opinions to the President of India on questions of law or fact that are of public importance.

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