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The Delightful Trip of Udaipur city of Rajasthan(India)

What could be more captivating than spending time in this vibrant city during this time of the year? Winters, because the scorching heat of Rajasthan is not everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, I went to Udaipur which is considered to be one of the most romantic destinations around the globe. It has been romanticized by poets. The mountains that are spellbound and their lush greenery, the water waves the sunset and sunrise are it possible to not be captivated by this beautiful view of the city? What would a poet look like in this situation?

After our visit to the Chittorgarh Fort, we continued toward Udaipur. It took us nearly five hours to travel to this breathtaking town in Rajasthan. It is 1.5 up to two hours by train, you can travel between Chittorgarh towards Udaipur. We decided to make it a point to visit Udaipur on Christmas Day when we had planned the excursion. There is nothing more romantic than a trip to this vibrant city during this time of the year? Usage;kfsadsjfdaipur is among the most romantic destinations on earth.

The city is frequently loved by poets. It is only natural because one of the major reasons for its acclaim is the gorgeous lake Pichola.

Everyone is attracted by the beauty of the lake. We walked along the historic streets and finally arrived at the lake, where we took a break after checking into a historic palace resort. It was breathtaking to see the tourist boats glide through the water in silhouettes as the sun set behind them against the red sky. Our minds were calmed by the sound of waves of water crashing against the banks, and the sound of the birds returning to their nests. The long, stressful journey was soon put to rest.

As it got dark, we took an hour to walk around The Fatah Sagar lake. The Fatah Sagar lake is the largest of the four Udaipur lakes and is located to the north of lake Pichola. This is where the City Palace was first seen in the evening. The palace shined brilliantly when the spotlights were on. The palace is gorgeously decorated and it was like a fairytale.

Another impressive structure in The city’s center is Lake Palace. Maharana Jagat Singh, a young prince, constructed it for the very first time in 1743, on Lake Pichola. The masterpiece was designed in order to satisfy the prince’s desire to reside on an island alongside his sexy girlfriends. The Taj brand of hotels quickly took over the palace it’s now serving an exclusive market of luxury travelers who aren’t afraid to splash on accommodation and enjoy the luxury of being on an island with stunning views of City Palace and the lovely Aravalli hills. In the clear water of the lake in the evening, the palace is amazing.

It was a festive night for the Hotels in Udaipur as well as resorts lit up and packed on the night of the night before Christmas. Even the night markets in Udaipur were packed with tourists. The vendors were working hard to collect money from their customers. We also went shopping and I blew it up because everything was bright and captivating. After a delicious Rajasthani dinner when we returned to the hotel and we decided the time was right to end our day.

After a delicious breakfast, we headed on our journey to the City Place in Udaipur the next morning. It’s impossible to explore the palace in just one day and so we hired a guide to teach us an overview of the history.

This magnificent building was built over nearly 400 years. When Maharana Udai Singh II, a member of the Sisodia Rajput family decided to relocate his capital to Chittor to Chittor, he started the construction. The palace, situated on a hill, is considered to be one of the most impressive Palaces that are located in Rajasthan. The view from the top of the Aravalli Mountains, Jagmandir Lake Aravalli mountain range, Jagmandir, and Lake Pichola is breathtaking.

A fascinating man took us on a tour as our guide. We bombarded him with questions since our interest in history was ignited. The lavish walls and ceilings exhibit the architectural styles of Rajasthan along with that of the Mughal Empire. The courage and strength of the past can be seen everywhere and in every crevice. Fun fact: this is where the highly acclaimed James Bond movie “Octopussy” was shot. Also, we stumbled upon the kitchen, which was not in good condition, and had all the necessary equipment to cook food for the royals of the day.

We toured the palace for four hours. We were exhausted and hungry. After sitting inside the garden for a bit before returning to our hotel. I saw a group of mounted police passing by as I walked along the avenue. A swarm of old cars was following them, which indicated that there was a celebration taking place. I was lucky enough to snap a photograph of the amazing scene using my camera.

The next day I visited “Sahelion Ki Bari,” an extremely frequented tourist destination (a garden that is home to the women). Rana Sangram Singh constructed the garden, which is home to numerous pools, and fountains along with marble elephants. The Raja himself gifted the Queen and her entourage a garden to spend leisure time away from the boring life of the palace. They would pass the time by wandering through the grounds and relaxing in the serene gardens.

As the sun set we stopped to enjoy the festive vibe on our return journey to return for the return trip. It was truly Christmas-y. We went to a restaurant on the top of a roof. I started eating while the City Palace shimmered behind me. Then, fireworks shot up across the skies, forming a colorful cascade. On the streets, I saw people enjoying themselves. In the evening, the temperature fell to 8 degrees. We stumbled across a location near a talented group of country music artists who entertained us throughout the cold evening.

The following day started early in the morning to Jodhpur. I said goodbye to the beautiful city of Udaipur in the car as we drove through the lakes and palaces however I made it a point to return in the future.

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