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Summer or Winter: best time to camp in Jaisalmer

Camping could be fun in either the winter or the summer, but it could be the cherry on top when it comes to camping in the desert, where dazzling sand dunes wind will make your soul relieved. The Indian city of Jaisalmer, known for its golden sand dunes and the best desert camp in Jaisalmer, is situated in the state of Rajasthan. A distinctive experience, camping in the Jaisalmer desert lets you take in both the natural tranquility and local culture.

Desert camping

 In Winter

Winter is one of the best times to go for desert camping in Jaisalmer, as the weather is pleasant and ideal for outdoor activities. The winter season in Jaisalmer starts in November and lasts until February.

Marvin desert camp Jaisalmer’s Swiss Tent in Jaisalmer offers unique winter packages that include lodging, meals, and a variety of activities. Over a bonfire, you can eat traditional Rajasthani cuisine while taking in regional music and dance performances. Also, the campgrounds include activities like stargazing, vehicle safaris, and camel rides.

The Desert Festival is one of the highlights of winter camping in Jaisalmer. The three-day festival honors Rajasthani culture and features camel racing, theatrical productions, and food stalls.

Winter is a great time to experience the beauty of Jaisalmer’s desert and its rich culture through camping. Just remember to pack warm clothes to stay comfortable during the cold nights.


In Summer

Marvin Desert Camp in Jaisalmer is recommended if you intend to camp in the desert during the summer. The best desert camp in Jaisalmer offers air-conditioned villas or tents. In order to keep you comfortable during the day, the campsites also offer fans and coolers.

Among the well-liked activities that you may partake in during the cooler hours are camel rides, jeep safaris, and stargazing.

Summer-time desert camping might be difficult, but it can also be a unique experience for those who are ready for the heat. Planning your vacation carefully, packing the essentials, and taking care of yourself in the heat will keep you safe.


Q1. How many days are needed for a vacation to Jaisalmer?

 A perfect amount of time to stay in Jaisalmer is 3 days.

Q2. What time of year is ideal for Jaisalmer?

December to March In Jaisalmer, these months make up the winter season. A visit to Jaisalmer is highly recommended at this time.

Q3. Winters in Jaisalmer are cold?

 10 to 26 degrees Celsius are the available temperature readings. There is no extreme weather to speak about.

Q4. Which is the best desert camp in Jaisalmer?

Marvin desert camp Jaisalmer is the best recommendation. It offers the best budget desert camp in Jaisalmer.


Desert camping in Jaisalmer  is a unique experience that combines adventure and culture. It is an excellent way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the desert.



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