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Relax and unwind at the 4 hill Stations located in the vicinity of Indore

Indore is an iconic Indian city with an energetic, cosmopolitan vibe. It’s a city that has all the attributes of a wonderful tourist destination due to its history and rich heritage that has been preserved in an increasing trend of shopping malls, malls and trendy eateries. If you’re not sure that the crowds or the hot summer days of Indore are too much to endure and you’d like to unwind, visit Indore. The numerous of the swimming pool in Indore permit you to enjoy fun in the refreshing waters of pools that have thrilling slides. Are you still unhappy? The hill stations near Indore offer the perfect getaway, in which you’ll be able take a break and enjoy your weekend in the most peaceful manner possible. A breathtaking mix of lakes, valleys, and lush vegetation, these hill stations are essential for escaping the monotony of city life and revitalizing your mind and body. Sounds enticing, isn’t it?

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the most popular hill stations located in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. There are many affordable hotels in the city . There you can make reservations for your accommodations and start exploring Indore and its hills surrounding.

Hill Stations located in the vicinity to Indore (List):

  • Mandu
  • Toranmal
  • Chikhaldara
  • Pachmarhi
  • Saputara
  • Matheran

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1. Mandu

The old city of Mandu (also known as Mandavgad is one of the most intriguing destinations to visit during weekends because of its stunning architectural beauty. It’s the sole hill station located in Indore that is also a fortress town. The town is situated on the top of a rock, Fort Indore has been shaping the identity of the area for long periods of time. Mandu was the title that has been given to the town. Mandu is believed to come in the language Mandapa and Durga. The inscriptions in the past prove Mandu was a flourishing city in the 6th century. Mandu is located at an altitude of 633 meters. Mandu is located in the Vindhya Range.

Contrary to other hill towns near Indore Mandu is much more than Mandu than its natural beauty. Mandu depicts the past of India in the most exciting manner that is possible. The impressive monuments that Mandu has constructed are evidence of its splendor and the twin lakes are not noticed as evidence of its rich heritage. There are numerous architectural marvels you can see during your visit to the region like Roopmati’s Pavillion, Rewa Kund, Jami Masjid, Hindola Mahal, Baz Bahadur’s Palace, as well as Shri Mandavagadh Teerth. The walk through this hill station will make you feel like you’re in the past when castles, battles in the imperial period, and romantic love stories among royals were the norm.

  • Distances to Indore Distances from Indore Indore Distance from Indore: 97km via NH 52

2. Toranmal

A quiet hill station close to Indore, Toranmal is the ideal blend of natural beauty with a tranquil atmosphere that is filled with lush greenery. It is situated in the breathtaking Satpura Range in the state of Maharashtra, Toranmal is blessed with a mild climate. When you arrive in the stunning region, you will be greeted by an array of man-made and natural wonders each having each its own unique charm.

The appeal of Toranmal isn’t it’s a well-known tourist destination. Since the region has numerous tourist attractions which reflect the tradition and culture It is of particular fascination for those who appreciate the past and want to discover sacred sites. There is a myth that the area was once an area owned by tribesmen and its name is derived from the goddess of the area, Torana. When you are in the area it is possible to go to several attractions such as Yashwant Lake, Sunset Point, Gorakshanath Temple, Lotus Lake, Aawashabari Point, Check Dam, and Sita Khai to name a few. This is among the days away from Indore in which you can enjoy peace in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

  • Distances from Indore 257km by NH 52

3. Chikhaldara

Are you looking to go to a place that is believed to have an ancestral link to the myth of Pandava princes from the Mahabharata? Chikhaldara is one of the places which meets all the criteria. Chikhaldara, a charming hill station located in Maharashtra is believed to be the location where Bheema defeated the devil Keechaka in a bloody fight and then threw him into the valley. This is the reason the area was known as Keechakadara after which it was transformed to Chikhaldara.

At an altitude of 11,182m, Chikhaldara boasts of being the only region to grow coffee in the entire country. When you arrive at this hill station, the welcoming aroma of coffee welcomes you. But, there’s more to this picturesque town that is hilly. Gorgeous flora and fauna, with breathtaking views of blooming flowers stunning views, breathtaking views, and gorgeous lakes are only a few of the delights that can be enjoyed in this area. The stunning beauty of Chikhaldara can be observed from numerous places that include Hariken Point, Sunset Point Mozari Point Devi Point, and Prospects Point. If you’re in search of the perfect summer escape near Indore and the beauty of nature in the mild climate of Chikhaldara is the best option.

  • Distance from Indore 292 km according to Khandwa Indore Road

4. Pachmarhi

An awe-inspiring and breathtaking place to visit, Pachmarhi is nestled in an area within the Satpura Range. Because of its incredible beauty and its strategically placed hill station, which is situated close to Indore MP. It is known in the form of “the Queen” of Satpura. There is a myth that Pachmarhi comes from two Hindi words: Panch (meaning five) and Marhi (meaning caves). The legend says there are five caves which are situated on the hill and were built by the Pandava princes during their exile.

With an elevation of 1067m above sea level, the captivating spot inside Madhya Pradesh is characterized by numerous sights, such as dense forests, clear, and clear waters, deep ravines,, old caves, and a plethora of greenery. Apart from the abundant natural wonders, Pachmarhi also boasts quite numerous impressive monuments constructed by human beings, including Christ Church, Chauragarh Temple as well as Pachmarhi Catholic Church. There are many cave art found in the forests of Pachmarhi, many of which are more than 100 years old. Contrary to the crowds of tourists that are often seen on other hilltops, Pachmarhi still retains its charm as a peaceful retreat.

  • Distance to Indore 339 km by MP SH22

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