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Rajasthan’s Culinary Delights: A Food Lover’s Guide to Jodhpur

Welcome to Jodhpur, the Blue City of Rajasthan. This city is not only famous for its blue buildings and historic forts but also for its rich and flavorful cuisine. If you are a food lover, Jodhpur is the place to be. When planning your trip, make sure to choose the best Rajasthan tour package from a reliable travel agency in Rajasthan like Rajasthan Tour Planners.

Street Food Treasures

Start your food journey with Jodhpur’s famous street food. You must try the spicy Mirchi Vada. It’s a large green chili stuffed with spicy potatoes and deep-fried until crispy. Another must-try is Pyaaz Kachori, a fried pastry filled with a spicy onion mixture. Both these snacks are best enjoyed hot and are available at almost every street corner.

Delicious Thalis

No trip to Jodhpur is complete without trying a traditional Rajasthani Thali. This big platter is a feast for the senses. It includes dishes like Dal Baati Churma, Gatte ki Sabzi, and Ker Sangri. Dal Baati Churma is a combination of three different dishes – lentil curry, baked wheat rolls, and a sweet mixture of crushed wheat, sugar, and ghee. Gatte ki Sabzi is made from gram flour dumplings in spicy yogurt gravy, and Ker Sangri is a tangy dish made from desert beans and berries.

Sweet Treats

Jodhpur is also known for its mouth-watering sweets. One of the most popular sweets is Mawa Kachori. It is a pastry filled with sweetened milk solids and nuts, deep-fried, and then soaked in sugar syrup. Another sweet delight is Ghevar, a disc-shaped cake made from flour and soaked in sugar syrup, often topped with nuts and saffron.

Traditional Drinks

To cool off in the hot Rajasthan weather, try the local drinks like Makhania Lassi. This is a thick yogurt drink flavored with cardamom and topped with a dollop of butter. Another refreshing drink is Jaljeera, a tangy and spicy lemonade with cumin and mint.


Exploring the culinary delights of Jodhpur is a memorable experience. Each dish tells a story of the region’s rich culture and traditions. To make the most of your food adventure, book your trip with Rajasthan Tour Planners. They offer the best Rajasthan tour packages, ensuring you have a hassle-free and enjoyable experience. Discover the flavors of Jodhpur and create unforgettable memories on your Rajasthan journey.



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