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Is Jawai Bandh a safe place to go on a wildlife safari?

That is a million-dollar question, and you should not venture out there unless you are confident in the security of a Wildlife Safari in Bera. And especially in places like Jawai, which are less well-known in comparison to the country’s other wildlife hotspots.

To review the security situation, one must first search for the location on the internet. Jawai may be less well-known, but it has captured the attention of nature lovers, wildlife photographers, and bird-watchers in recent years.

Witness the coexistence of leopards and humans

As a result, many private Best Resort in Jawai and entrepreneurs are now relocating to this area in order to make it more habitable and enjoyable for tourists. Returning to the security issue, are they taking any precautions to ensure the safety of their visitors?

When it comes to safari riders’ safety, you probably don’t have to worry because the leopards of Jawai are extremely familiar with humans, and there hasn’t been a single incident of a leopard attacking a human reported here since the big cats took refuge.

The claim is supported when we see priests of temples located in the granite hills of Jawai walking hundreds of steps unguarded in the eyesight of a leopard at dawn. That is correct, and if you want to see it for yourself, you must come to this location.

Is the security sufficient to justify staying?

As a result, you can relax and enjoy the leopard safari in Jawai with confidence. With these characteristics, it has become a destination for the best wildlife safari in Rajasthan. All you need is a nice place to stay to fully enjoy your tour.

But how can you be certain of your safety when you’re in the middle of a jungle? Although leopards in Jawai are very friendly with humans, there are many other animals that may try to infiltrate your resort property and ruin your vacation.

Beragarh Resort goes above and beyond to ensure the safety of its guests. We have CCTV cameras and armed guards on our property to ensure that no wild animal gets inside and causes panic among our guests. We have made every effort to keep our visitors safe and entertained.

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