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India’s Highest Grade Soapstone Powder

Soapstone powder is a modification of the primary or secondary Magnesium crystals. Soapstone powder / Talcum powder is the basic raw material that has been favoured for a variety of uses including PP, LD, HDPE compounding, paints industries, paper industries, rubber, pharmaceutical industry, PVC, ceramics, sanitary wares, cosmetics, and cattle feed, among others. Anand Talc is a leading Soapstone powder manufacturer, providing a wide variety of soapstone powder that is processed using advanced machines. Because of its lamellar platy nature, softness, whiteness, hydrophobic properties, acid resistance, chemical inertness, and other properties, soapstone powder is favoured in a wide range of industrial applications. Soapstone powder improves the compound’s performance characteristics and increases stiffness at high temperatures.

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Soapstone Powder Plastics Applications –

Soapstone powder is used in a variety of products in the plastic business, including ultra-fine high-quality soapstone powder in polyamides, cable PVC, and other plastic compounds. We specialise in providing high-quality soapstone powder for the plastics business. It is regarded as excellent filler due to its blending properties as well as its thermal and electrical resilience. Furthermore, because it is chemically inert, it gives the plastic surface a smooth texture.

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Paints – Soapstone Powder is a valuable material that is used in the production of decorative paints, industrial coatings, primers, pastes, putties, and a variety of other goods.

Ceramic Industry – Soapstone powder is primarily used as low-cost filler in ceramic tiles, sanitary goods, tableware, porcelain, and electrically insulating materials. Soapstone powder is a ceramic substance that is not plastic.

Paper Industry – Soapstone powder is used in the paper industry as a filler to regulate stickiness and in paper coating. It has also been used as a filling in the production of paper. Because soapstone is hydrophobic, it collects micro droplets, regulating stickiness and preventing clogging. It has the ability to provide permeability, smoothness, and opacity to the paper.

Aside from these applications, soapstone powder is extensively used in the production of soap, the cosmetic industry in baby powder, detergent making, textile, the rubber industry, and as a filler raw material in many chemical industries. We provide high-quality soapstone powder in India, which is a naturally occurring substance also known as French chalk or talc powder. It is a commonly used substance that comes in brilliant white and off white colours. The unique properties of soapstone powder make it an excellent option for a wide range of applications.



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