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How to use Henna: The Ultimate Guide to Herbal Hair Dyes!

Henna is a natural way to color your hair as it’s made from crushed leaves and flowers. It’s been used by women from all around the world including Africans, Europeans, and Asians for many centuries. Herbal hair dyes are natural, herbal or semi-synthetic dyes used for coloring hair. They are produced from natural sources and have no harmful side effects on the human body. Henna is a popularly known herbal hair dye that is said to be the best among all herbs in this category. The active ingredient of henna is Lawsone, which gives it its brownish red color. You can get quality henna from Organic Hair Dye Manufacturers  in India.

It’s actually safer for your hair than some of the synthetic dyes sold in stores and is a great way to spice up your hair color. Henna is particularly suited for black hair. It won’t cover gray hairs as well as synthetic dyes, but it will help them look better by turning them to a shiny rich color. It’s also less likely than chemical dyes to cause dermatitis (but some people still react badly), and leaves little room for error – if you don’t get the color right the first time, it won’t take!

Today, there are numerous types of henna products on the market to satisfy everyone needs. So it’s not surprising when you see countless henna hair dye products from Herbal Henna Powder Manufacturers in India. However, that being said, not all herbal products are known to be safe and natural – some contain chemicals, which can cause side, effects. This is why we always recommend using an herbal product that follows all health regulations so that you’re healthy as well as gorgeous.

If you are interested in trying something different for a little change, many natural plant dyes can be used. It’s a learning curve – the color will not be consistent from one batch of henna to another and even from one application to the next so keep this in mind when gauging how dark your hair will get. It may take some practice. Get top quality products from Henna Leaf Extract Suppliers in India.

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