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How to read NCERT for IAS Exam?

NCERTs (National Council of Educational Research and Training) are the most critical resource for IAS exam preparation. They provide a foundation for aspirants to understand various concepts and develop the necessary analytical and critical thinking skills to succeed in the exam. In this article, we will discuss how to read NCERT books for the IAS exam and how Anushka Academy, the Best IAS Coaching Center in Udaipur, can help aspirants in their preparation.

Here are some tips for reading NCERTs for the IAS exam:

  1. Read the NCERT books from class 6 to 12 thoroughly: The NCERT books are essential for IAS exam preparation. Start reading the NCERT books from class 6 to 12 thoroughly, cover all the topics, and understand the concepts.
  2. Take notes while reading: Take notes while reading the NCERT books. Note down the essential concepts, formulas, and facts in a separate notebook. This will help you during revision and save you time.
  3. Solve NCERT exercise questions: Solve the exercise questions provided in the NCERT books. This will help you in understanding the concepts and identify areas where you need improvement.
  4. Use NCERT books as a reference: NCERT books are the foundation for IAS exam preparation, but they are not enough. Use NCERT books as a reference and read standard reference books to get an in-depth understanding of the topics.

Anushka Academy, the Best Coaching Institute for RAS and IAS Coaching in Udaipur, understands the importance of NCERTs in the IAS exam preparation. The institute provides comprehensive coaching to aspirants and emphasizes reading NCERT books. The faculty at Anushka Academy helps aspirants understand the concepts and clear their doubts.

Anushka Academy has a well-structured curriculum that covers all the topics in the IAS syllabus. The institute provides study material and regular tests to evaluate the progress of the students. Moreover, the faculty at Anushka Academy uses innovative teaching methods that make learning interesting and enjoyable.

Apart from classroom coaching, Anushka Academy also offers online coaching, which is a great advantage for students who cannot attend regular classes. The online coaching is designed in a way that it provides the same quality of education as the classroom coaching.

In conclusion, NCERTs are an essential resource for IAS exam preparation, and Anushka Academy, the Best IAS Coaching Center in Udaipur, understands this fact. The institute provides comprehensive coaching to aspirants, which includes reading NCERT books. With their experienced faculty, well-structured curriculum, and innovative teaching methods, Anushka Academy has been helping aspirants to crack the IAS exam for many years. If you are looking for the Best Coaching Institute for IAS in Udaipur, then Anushka Academy is the place to be!



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