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How much does it cost to have a destination wedding?

Many couples fantasize about having a destination wedding where they exchange vows in a far-off location — perhaps on a beautiful island abroad — and spend days partying with their nearest and dearest. The majority of the time, however, queries like “What does a destination wedding in Rajasthan cost?” and “Can we afford it?” come just after the thought.

The cost of a destination wedding can vary greatly depending on various factors such as the location, the number of guests, the level of luxury. Here are some of the major expenses to consider when planning a destination wedding:

  • Travel cost: This includes flights, transportation to and from the airport, and any necessary visas or passports.
  • Accommodations: You’ll need to pay for the lodging for yourself and your guests, which could range from budget-friendly options to luxury resorts.
  • Venue rental: The cost of renting the venue for your wedding and any related events such as the rehearsal dinner or reception. Destination Weddings in Rajasthan may be costly but Rajasthan Royal Weddings makes it easy for you by providing you B2B services.
  • Beverages and food: This includes the cost of catering, alcohol, and other refreshments provided throughout the wedding.
  • Wedding attire and accessories: The wedding dress, tuxedo or suit are the main element of the wedding.
  • Decorations: You may need to pay for decor such as centerpieces, flowers, lighting, and any other decorative elements.
  • Photography and videography: to capture the moments on your big day hiring a professional photographer and videographer may cost.

You must be aware till now that without hiring a wedding planner all this task will just feel like an unfeasible task. Wedding planner company in Rajasthan will help you deal with the logistics and planning of your wedding. Rajasthan Royal Weddings carefully considers all the expenses involved and creates a budget friendly that works on your big band wedding.



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