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How does NOVEC 1230 work?

Heat, oxygen, and a fuel source are the only three components necessary for a fire to start. The fire will be put out if one component is absent or blocked. To put out a fire, clean agents either take away the heat or the oxygen components.

Novec 1230: This colorless, non-toxic chemical is frequently utilized in settings involving delicate electronic equipment. This substance securely extinguishes fires without endangering vital, priceless assets and is non-toxic to both people and the environment.

With Novec 1230 fire risk management in India is Leading Consultancy Services for Fire Safety, you can safeguard your sensitive corporate information and equipment.

The halon substitute NOVEC 1230 from 3M is kept in a liquid form. At room temperature, 3M Novec 1230 is kept as a liquid and used as a gas. In its liquid and gaseous states, it is electrically non conductive. By Novec 1230, low concentration fires could be safely put out. Fire protection engineers prefer fire safety audit to utilize this technology in data centers, control rooms, and other crucial locations. This system requires skilled technicians and managers to install and operate it.

Even though Novec 1230 fluid is liquid at ambient temperature, it discharges as gas. The fluid in Novec 1230 dissipates fast and doesn’t leave any traces behind. Other equipment or delicate electronics won’t be harmed by this. This system’s electrical characteristics are more advanced than those of any previous fire protection technology. 

Turbulence and Noise

Although the noise made during the discharge is deafening, no serious injuries will result from it. The ceiling, loose paper, and light items can all be moved by this turbulence.

Visibility and Cooling

Novec 1230 vaporizing liquid has a cooling effect when it comes into close contact with flesh, and skin burns can result from exposure. When in contact with air, this liquid phase vaporizes, reducing the danger. During discharge, there will be vapor condensation, which reduces visibility.

In India, The Safety Master is a leading provider of fire risk management services. Fire risk assessment consultation in India is available from the Safety Master team. For mining, maritime, industrial, commercial, or retail usage, we have large-scale fire suppression systems as well as portable fire equipment, servicing, and maintenance.



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