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Hotel Demand Management – What and Why?

The Hotel Demand Management is an important tool for online travel agencies and Top Hotel Management Companies in India. This approach works to maximize the Hotels potential demand. The focus of the Hotel Demand Management is to drive the demand for the hotel’s website and increase rooms nights sold by promoting the hotel’s inventory through different channels.

Just as the name suggests, hotel demand management deals with the optimization of hotel rooms. Hospitality Management Companies in India is often left with hundreds of unsold rooms, which can be a huge problem for some since it decreases the profits for hotels and increases their expenses. Hotel demand management is all about finding ways to maintain room rates, occupancy rates and revenue at an optimal level. It aims to maintain a good balance between supply and demand throughout different time periods through the use of appropriate strategies. A good hotel demand management system reduces the amount of unsold rooms, but they also reduce cancellations and increase revenue if used effectively.

Hotel demand management software facilitates the organization of these agents using artificial intelligence and data to channel a demand in the most efficient way possible. Hotel demand management software played an important role in improving a hotel’s operations; it allowed for automation, real-time booking, on-demand availability, and more importantly, the ability to maximize revenue by handling the global distribution of inventory with minimum expenses.

Demand management is one of the key functions of the hotel’s revenue management process that uses historical information about the hotel and its guests to forecast the likelihood of rooms being occupied at various price points. Revenue management is a vital part of a modern day hospitality business. The whole world is looking at technologies that will much simplify the lives of the users. In real estate management, the technology is making its way to the forefront and it is not just limited to managing online bookings or CRM but touches upon several areas like inventory management, marketing, booking engine, revenue management etc.

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