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Here are three misconceptions regarding a profession in hotel management and a brief reality check

MYTH 1: All there is to hotel management is food preparation and service

In actuality, there is much more to a hotel management than just cooking. It is a serious business that involves food and beverage service up to housekeeping department, which maintains clean and comfortable environment in the hotel, front-office operation, which ensures smooth operations between departments and attends to the needs of the guest upon arrival and during the hotel stay, event planners, who are involved in conception and completion of the events such as conferences, festivals, etc., as well as sales and marketing personnel and accommodations. There are therefore many different specialized job routes to investigate in the hospitality sector. But you will get these jobs when you have pursued the Hotel management course and for front office and housekeeping jobs you have to pursue Diploma In Front Office & House Keeping in Rajasthan.

MYTH 2: If you pursue hotel management, you are limited to the hotel industry.

The sky’s the limit for someone with a Diploma hotel management there are no restrictions on their career options. The HM degree is directly tied to a wide range of exciting and diversified employment prospects offered by this sector, including,

Manager of lodging at care facilities, hospitals, and conference centers, etc.

Event manager working at conferences, trade shows, product launches, etc.

Work for airlines as a member of the cabin crew, a chef, a flight attendant, etc.

Jobs in the travel and tourist industry include those as travel agents, sales managers, tour managers, etc.

In casinos and cruise ships, one may work as a casino manager or as a cruise manager.

MYTH 3: There Are No Decent Jobs for Women in the Hospitality Sector

Reality: Despite major advancements over many years, women are still not thought to perform well in the hotel industry. Many people have an opinion that women are weak and incapable of making decisions. But without the grace and elegance that a woman brings with her, the hospitality sector would be severely lacking. Consider the field of guest relations: because of their endearing personalities, superior verbal and interpersonal skills, and ability to manage pressure, women are more in demand than males as employees. According to TOI reports from 2013, women hold a significant part of occupations in the hospitality industry, and the number of women in top roles has also climbed.

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