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Henna: a hair-repair product?

What is Henna?

Henna is a little tree or shrub, specifically. Like beets or blueberries, the leaves contain a color that stains the skin. The dye molecule in henna is tiny enough to pass through multiple layers of skin. Because of this, the stains remain for a few weeks as opposed to a day for a blueberry stain to fade.

Could henna be your savior?

From the ancient Egyptians and Romans to countless “contemporary” Indians, humanity has relied on this natural hair dyeing technique from the dawn of time. The most obvious advantage of using henna to color your hair is that you avoid the hazards of harmful chemicals. NMP Udhyog, the most recognized Henna powder supplier in India, provides 100% natural henna combined with only the best and freshest henna powder. Natural henna is a beautiful, harmless type of body art with a long history in many cultures throughout the world.

Due to the presence of tannins (a kind of plant chemical) in henna, if used in its natural form, it can make your hair shinier, thicker, silkier, and stronger.

It even serves as a natural conditioner because of its capacity to lock in moisture and nutrients while bolstering your hair’s protective layer. You are therefore protected from the heat, the harmful UV rays of the sun, and pollution.


What is the advantage of Henna?

Chemicals found in henna may be used to treat various illnesses. Also, there is some evidence to suggest that henna may prevent or minimize spasms, diminish inflammation, and lessen discomfort.

How can you tell if henna is safe?

Something about the smell of fresh henna tells you it’s healthy and safe. NMP Udhyog, a henna powder manufacturer in India offers an earthy aroma with a hint of essential oils. If you smell any underlying chemical or industrial odor, it is possible that there is anything else in the recipe that is harmful to your skin.

Is Henna good for hair growth?

Henna’s natural qualities encourage hair growth. The powder may be used to make an essential oil that nourishes and promotes growth.


Henna is the ideal for your hair and may truly bring out your beauty. Get the finest for your hair by nourishing it with NMP Udhyog, India’s most famous manufacturer of henna powder.



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