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Happily Ever After Begins At Kumbhalgarh Resort

A wedding in Rajasthan is a grand and elaborate affair that is deeply rooted in the state’s rich culture and traditions. Rajasthan is known for its magnificent palaces, vibrant colours, royal cuisine, and warm hospitality, which makes it a perfect destination for a wedding.

Imagine yourself in a hill station tying your vows in a town that is laced with greenery and quaint old-world charm. One of the most popular and well-known Royal resorts in Kumbhalgarh is Everest hill resorts.

Kumbhalgarh is home to some of the most magnificent palaces and forts, which make for perfect wedding venues. 

Best luxury hotel in Kumbhalgarh

In Kumbhalgarh, there is a wedding location called Everest Hill Resort. This lovely haveli is located in the middle of the Kumbhalgarh forest and is available all year to host wedding events. Everest hill resort is one of the Best luxury hotel in Kumbhalgarh for hosting a wedding in Rajasthan. Royal resort in Kumbhalgarh is known for its vibrant colours, and the wedding decor usually reflects that. The decorations usually include vibrant flowers, colourful drapes, and intricate lighting to create a magical ambiance. It is situated on a hilltop with views of Kumbhalgarh Fort, a very prominent fort, and a steep, lovely wooded valley. With large accommodations that are divided into luxury rooms and haveli suites, it offers its visitors first-rate services.

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The Wedding venue in Kumbhalgarh has a rich musical heritage, and usually involves live performances of traditional Rajasthani folk songs and dances, such as Ghoomar, Kalbelia, and Chari. The accommodations provided by Everest Hill Resort allow you the option to plan a destination wedding. Your close friends and family members are welcome to stay with you during and after the ceremony. There is an on-site valet parking service available. For the comfort of the bride, a bridal suite is offered. Music equipment can also be set up to enhance the festivities and enjoyment. Make your ideal wedding a reality at this opulent resort and amplify your moments with grandeur.

Overall, a wedding in Rajasthan is a truly magnificent and unforgettable experience that celebrates the state’s rich culture and traditions. Plan your wedding in Kumbhalgarh, a perfect location if you’ve always wanted to wed in the middle of nature.



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