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Granite Maintenance 101: Tips for Keeping Your Countertops Looking New

Granite countertops are a timeless addition to any kitchen or bathroom, offering durability, elegance, and functionality. To ensure your granite countertops retain their pristine appearance for years to come, proper maintenance is essential. Here are some expert tips from Gangadhara Exports, leading Granite Exporters in Rajasthan, to help you keep your countertops looking brand new:

1. Daily Cleaning Routine

  • Gentle Cleansers: Use a pH-balanced, non-abrasive cleaner to wipe down your countertops daily to remove surface debris and spills. Avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the sealant [1].

2. Seal Your Granite Regularly

  • Sealant Application: Apply a high-quality granite sealant every 1-2 years to protect the surface from stains and moisture penetration. Test the sealant by pouring water on the countertop; if it beads up, the sealant is intact [2].

3. Avoid Common Culprits

  • Acidic Substances: Steer clear of acidic substances like vinegar, lemon juice, or bleach, as they can dull the granite and weaken the sealant. Instead, opt for a mild dish soap and water solution for cleaning [3].

4. Use Cutting Boards and Trivets

  • Prevent Scratches: Place cutting boards under knives and trivets under hot pots and pans to protect the granite surface from scratches and heat damage. Avoid dragging heavy or sharp objects directly across the countertop [4].

5. Handle Spills Promptly

  • Quick Cleanup: Immediately wipe up spills to prevent them from seeping into the granite pores and causing stains. Blot the spill with a clean cloth rather than wiping to avoid spreading the substance [5].


By following these simple yet effective maintenance tips, you can preserve the beauty and longevity of your granite countertops. Gangadhara Exports, renowned Granite suppliers in Rajasthan, emphasizes the importance of regular care and attention to ensure your investment in granite pays off for years to come. With proper maintenance, your granite countertops will continue to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your space.

For comprehensive guidance on granite selection, installation, and maintenance, trust Gangadhara Exports, your reliable partner in premium-quality granite products.



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