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Feel the shine of stars in Valley View Hotel in Udaipur

Valley View Udaipur Hotel greets you with its enchanting brilliance. It is one of the greatest 4-Star Hotels in Udaipur, standing tall with the polished grace of standing as one of the best places to stay in Udaipur‘s upscale establishments with top-notch amenities.

Valley view is one of the dream vacation destinations that provides the best in four amenities. This resort is the ideal combination of top-notch services, flourishing vegetation, modern villas, and a stunning façade that artistically depicts the pleasure of your stay. It aims to create a distinctive experience in this lovely city of lakes, whether for leisurely holidays, destination weddings, or corporate meetings. The Valley view is one of the only hotels in the city to provide an outdoor pool, a restaurant serving a variety of cuisines, and a front desk staffed around the clock. Valley view is the pinnacle of luxury in idyllic locations and promises to provide top-notch services through attentive employees, amnesties, and more.

Complimentary charges for Children 

Children under seven years of age would be provided with a complimentary facility; we won’t include them in charge.

Cancellation perks

There will be free cancellation for the check-in date if it is done under 15 days. We provide one-night retention within seven days. 

Why are we the best 4-star hotels in Udaipur?

Delicious food

Our wide selection of exquisite foods includes various exotic cuisines, authentic meals, and some hand-selected specials to make your time at Foodies as delicious as our food. 

Our Cafe

Our very own cafe, Cafe 27, is at your service to relax during long rides on buses, flights, or cabs. Café 27’s lively atmosphere will help you regain your feeling of strength. Our coffee shop, which has a variety of international snacks and dishes, will serve you while overlooking the beautifully built swimming pool and garden.

Rooftop restaurant

The area is illuminated at night with calming music, lovely candles, and a chilling breeze. They provide Italian, Chinese, and North Indian food under a serene open sky.

5000 Volts – The Discotheque

One of the popular spots to enjoy Udaipur’s nightlife is the in-house disc at Valley View. The lighting and music provide the ideal atmosphere for the evening, and a fantastic selection of beverages and delectable food will keep you going all night.


We are one of the closest hotels in Udaipur near the airport to reduce your time spent reaching the destination. 



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