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Desert Camps in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Rajwada Jaisalmer Camp brings a distinctively fresh perspective to desert camp Jaisalmer. For a long time desert holiday travel and tourism have earned an exclusive place, appeal, and awe with the unique package for Jaisalmer Desert camping in the desert. Jaisalmer desert safaris always bring an element of excitement and refreshment to the minds of avid tourists who stay in the royal open tents in Jaisalmer and other interesting places such as close proximity to nature desert dunes, the undulating Aravali hills to the left and the unique appeal of the traditional rural lifestyle in Rajasthan.

Jaisalmer camp in the desert booked via Rajwada Jaisalmer Camp is located near the famous Sam Sand Dunes. They have spectacular natural designs on the sand dunes, which will leave visitors stunned by the beauty of nature. The proximity to Lakshmana village is an added bonus to the grand and imposing entertainment provided by the charming village inhabitants.

To experience a truly unique experience experiencing, exposure, and exposure to something new is the call of the desert-loving intrepid towards Jaisalmer campsites in the desert.

  • Special and unique attributes at Jaisalmer Desert Camp Packages Uniquely themed packages for luxurious campsites with desert views in Jaisalmer are suitable for budget-conscious, corporate romantic, adventure, and romantic travelers.
  • The long-lasting existence of the sand dunes as well as stunning natural attractions in the luxury desert camp located in the sam dunes made of sand.
  • Enjoying the rural tradition as well as local cultural fairs and festivals.
  • A different type of atmosphere like night-time starlights bonfires, bonfires, and traditional stories about the majesty of Sand dunes.
  • Amazing dance performances performed by the village people and taking part in the local sports as well as pass times and entertainments.
  • Amazing and adrenaline-pumping Jeep excursions through the sand dunes, on camels,’ ships of the desert, and expertly-guided tours.
  • The main attraction each year of the amazing Thar Desert festival that showcases regional and local culture in vibrant appeal.
  • Traditional Rajasthani hospitality is known for its warm connection to beautiful and stylish traditional equipment.

In Rajwada Jaisalmer Camp, one of the most luxurious camping spots in Jaisalmer Life simply takes on new and memorable moments that will be etched in unforgettable activity. The camp is situated out of the hustle and pressure and provides Sand dunes as well as desert Jaisalmer bookings that will give you a lifetime experience of complete rest and relaxation.

With class and elegance options The Jaisalmer Sam Sand Dunes Desert safari camp is never too busy to provide you with a replenishing and revitalizing experience in a basic yet exotic experience of a desert jeep safari in Sam sand dunes.



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