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Camp in the desert: a soul-pleasing experience

Rajwada Desert Camp is a trailblazing expedition into the endless desert of Rajasthan. Either on a camel’s back or in a camel cart, you can take in this experience. Sand dunes and the Thar Desert may be found on either side of the area, which is spectacular. 
This desert camp in Jaisalmer will be your lifetime memory of an adventurous and enjoyable trip as it offers Rajasthani traditional cultural values so that you may immerse yourself in a different environment and camel safaris so that you can witness the sunset and sunrise. You can truly taste the flavor of the desert by going on a nighttime camel safari through the desert. Description of our two day packages –
Day 01:  what can be a better start with a cup of coffee at the most luxury resort in Jaisalmer. Spend your day while touring the city’s attractions, shopping for mementos, and visiting the Patwa Haveli, Jain Temple, and Jaisalmer Fort. Lake, Gadisar, and Chhatri, Vyas By staying overnight in sand dunes with tented lodging and a cultural program, we opt for a unique experience of the Desert like an Arabian night. You will also get to witness a picturesque Camelback sunset. Sleep at the Desert Camp.

Day 02: Inspects the local market and the desert camp after breakfast. 4.30 in the evening Tour Ends at the Station Drop. The Fresh n Up Hotel will be our destination after being met at the train station [02–03 hours]. within a city On the way Visit Kuldhara Village, Amer Sager, and Bada Bagh.

Included during this packages:-

Camel safari in the evening 

Evening bonfire with a cultural presentation, and vegetarian treats

Buffet Dinner/ Breakfast 

The ideal way to end the day is with a luxurious bath

Complete transportation to and from Jaisalmer City in an AC cab Travel and sightseeing

Jaisalmer seems to have been designed specifically for destination weddings. There are numerous Wedding resorts in Jaisalmer with the sand dunes providing the ideal setting for your wedding. The guests benefit from a pleasant and hassle-free event experience because of our preference for excellent service at Rajwada desert camp which also offers a variety of services and entertainment options to greet visitors and give them a luxurious stay.We’re looking forward to taking you along on an exciting desert excursion.



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