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Best things to do in Jodhpur: A tour of India’s blue city

Second largest city in Rajasthan, Jodhpur should be on your itinerary as it is a royal city. It is best known for the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort, one of the most magnificent forts in India, towering over Jodhpur. It’s fun to stroll through the small streets of the old town with blue buildings below the fort. The narrow streets are full of people going about their daily business, grazing cows, passing rickshaws, open kitchens giving off delicious smells, markets and shops inviting you to shop, and even elephants that walk around. Think blue.

The Best travel Agency in Jaisalmer called Delightful India Holidays offers the Jodhpur tour package with all travel guides so you can enjoy your tour with your best experience. With its maze of cul-de-sacs, Jodhpur is an easy city to get lost in, but this is the best way to truly experience the city. To fully understand the history of the city, we recommend signing up for a walking tour of Blue City Walks.

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Maharanagarh Fort.

From the top of the fortress, which has beautiful architecture, you have a beautiful view of the blue city below. Large spiked doors at the fort’s original entrance prevent elephants from attacking. With an intricate exterior stone grid and collections of textiles, military equipment, paintings, palanquins (covered wagons for royalty carried by men), and other royal artifacts, the former palace is now a museum.

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Try some Makhania Lassi.

Mango lassi are what we’re most used to in the West, but a makhania lassi is creamy, sweet and salty, making it the ideal refreshing drink in hot weather. The modest Shri Mishrilal Hotel at the southern entrance to Sardar Market is Jodhpur’s most popular place to experience this. Everything on the menu is INR 35 as they are so popular.

Tours of the blue city.

Choose the Morning Heritage Walk with Blue City Walks if you only have time for one visit to Jodhpur. The Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park. We got to know the diversity of vegetation and saw many fascinating birds. Also, it offered an amazing view of the fort. Our Best Travel Agency in rajasthan provided a wealth of information as we wandered around the old town, including explaining the distinctive blue color of the town, the background of the fort and the old city and its views of contemporary India. A buffet breakfast in a 400-year-old haveli with a beautiful view is included in the tour price. This is a fantastic introduction to the city on day one and excellent value for money.

The clock tower at Sardar market.

This busy part of the old city leads to the commercial district of Jodhpur. Vendors have set up shops around the gates with a variety of goods for sale, including fruits, vegetables, crafts, household items, spices, and more. Even when you are not shopping, Shri Mishrilal Hotel lassis will take you to Sardar Market, a local market full of lively attractions.

Delightful India Holidays is a travel agency in Jaisalmer that aims to provide high-quality services to their customers with attractive tour packages. They have a dedicated team of qualified professionals who can provide suggestions for a comfortable and luxurious travel experience in India.



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