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Accounting Software Update – Quickbooks, Sage, Peachtree, and Other Programs

Here’s how to get control

What was previously a gentle call to transfer your accounting into the cloud has now become a mandatory requirement. Big accounting software providers like QuickBooks have announced that they will be discontinuing support for desktop applications. The business community now has a chance to look at their choices. The brand that you are familiar with may not be the best choice for your business, and it could not represent the latest technology.

There has been a lot of change over the past decade and the latest, more efficient cloud accounting companies have gained popularity. Sage 50 CA Edition  Some of these providers are able to greatly simplify and speed up the accounting process using a cloud platform. It is now the moment to review your current cloud app integrations, and operational difficulties, so you can make the right choice for your company. Here are some questions to help you get going:

  • Are you maintaining and entering information across multiple systems?
  • You are using Excel to prepare your financial reports for the month?
  • Have you got a current analysis of the financial performance?
  • Are you having trouble connecting your sales, financial as well as operational information?
  • Do you require multiple apps to ensure that your accounting system functions in the way you want it to?

An opportunity to simplify and scale

While you evaluate your business processes currently in place and assess your requirements take a look at a scenario in which you manage your CRM and accounting on one system. Imagine the huge efficiencies that can be gained by sharing the same data for marketing programs, customers, and sales pipelines, as well as billing and invoicing of clients without having to transfer this data.

Accounting Seed is the top accounting software built on Salesforce is what makes it all possible. By using Accounting Seed your business will have complete control of the sales lead to the accounting ledger, eliminating the need for the integration of various systems. There is no need for Excel or connectors, or mismatched data and operational silos. Imagine this:

  • Your business can be run from one system that integrates CRM Accounting and
  • In-depth monitoring of the business’s performance from operations, sales, and finance
  • Improve collaboration by making notes that are accessible to all departments
  • Automated workflows and powerful automation eliminate the chance of errors and manual entry
  • The ability to modify change, scale, and tailor your accounting process to fit your company’s needs.
  • A world-class cloud platform, with the highest levels of security and integrity protocols for data

Check out what happened when Lionheart Critical Power Supply realized three times more visibility in reporting and 40% growth in the company after switching away from QuickBooks US Version to Accounting Seed.



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