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A Religious Trip Around Indore 


With two important Jyotirlings located close to Indore, this is an essential visit for any Shiv devotee. We planned a short visit to both Jyotirlingas.

Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga

Ujjain Mahakaleshwar: The major difference with this temple is the fact that it receives energy from itself as opposed to other Jyotirlings that are built with mantras. The temple is situated on the banks of the Shipra River, about 60 kilometers away from Indore. This temple faces south and is hard to locate. The Temple also is also part of 18 temples of Shakti Peeth in which the upper portion of Sati Devi fell while Shiv was carrying her body. It is possible to travel to Ujjain in just two hours. The most ideal time to visit is at 4 am when Bhasm Aarti happens. Women are not allowed in the temple. There are strict rules on attire and the use of mobile phones. There are numerous smaller temples that are within the vicinity of Mahakaleshwar and you can stay for an hour in the temple in the evening, after Darshan. Be prepared for being blasted by a variety of pundits along the route, asking for the offering of a religious ceremony.

Kaal Bhairav Temple

A quick10 minutes journey up to Kaal Bhairav is a must. This is a temple where the Lord is presented with Liquor. It is possible to purchase an offering that they wish to offer to the god of their choice – a must-see.

Omkareshwar Mandir

You can go to each of Mahakaleshwar and Omkareshwar in one day If they leave earlier in the day. Mahakaleshwar is a 4-hour drive from Omkareshwar is a four-hour trip by road (About 70 Kms from Indore). Omkareshwar temple is located on an island that is shaped in the shape of Om (divided by two hills) and is situated on the banks of the sacred Narmada River. It is possible to also observe the point of convergence that connects Narmada along with the Kaveri river. Legends tell us that Lord Shiva sleeps here, which is why Shayan Aarti is a major ceremony here. Once you have reached the base, you need to embark on an excursion on a boat or the more extensive road route. The bridge runs through a holy river, you can witness devotees offering coins for the water.

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