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9 Places to See in Indore at night

It is believed that when you visit cities at night, it is quite different, and you view Indore in an entirely different way. If the city is as beautiful and alive as Indore nightlife, a night-time excursion is a must for anyone. From the lively streets to the hottest cafes, let us take a look at the best ways to spend your evening in Indore.

1. Sarafa Bazaar, Indore

#1 of 9 Best Places Visit in Indore at Night

After 8 pm, when the shops for jewelry close and you believe that it’s coming to an end. But a brand new world emerges in Sarafa Bazaar. The most popular among the people from the local community No excursion in Indore is not complete without a stop here. Apart from the delicious food, it’s the chitter-chatter as well as a glimpse into the Indore lifestyle that will leave you with memories for an entire lifetime. Of the many food items you should try and the ones that make in the order include Bhutte Ka Kis, crispy pakoras, and Sitafal Kulfi. At a reasonable price and well worth each bite, you’ll not be disappointed if you spend the night here. Market hours are until the early hours of the morning, but it is best to arrive early to enjoy the best selection of tasty treats.

2. Ramada Encore, Indore

#2 of 9 Best Places Visit in Indore at Night

Further strengthening its footprint in Madhya Pradesh, Wyndham Hotels and Resorts has announced the signing of Ramada Encore by Wyndham Indore. Scheduled to open in 2022, Ramada Encore by Wyndham Indore will feature 100 guestrooms, an all-day dining restaurant, a lobby lounge, flexible Wedding venues in Indore, and also wellness areas, a business center, and a rooftop swimming pool. The hotel will have easy access from Ring Road and the main commercial area of Vijay Nagar.

Ramada Encore Hotel by Wyndham is rapidly expanding in India and this signing further strengthens our mid-scale brand presence across the country. This upcoming opening adds to our existing portfolio of Hotels in Indore Madhya Pradesh and reaffirms our commitment to continued growth in this important market. We have partnered with an internationally recognized hotel brand for the city of Indore.

3. Chokhi Dhani, Indore

#3 of 9 Best Places Visit in Indore at Night

It is among the few locations in Indore that are open until 11 pm and is a fantastic way to spend a night. The concept is based upon Rajasthani villages, Chokhi Dhani gives one an insight into the old-fashioned way of life and the culture. From the folk dancing that is a rhythm to the unique products for shopping, it’s an entirely unique experience providing a memorable experience.

  • Must-try: Dal bhati, mirchi kadi & bajre ki roti
  • Price for 2 2: Rs. 1000

4. Janapav Temple, Indore

There is a good chance that you’ve heard wonderful stories about Janapav Temple including the scenic landscapes that surround the entire area. However, what most people do not know is that it is possible to go to the temple in the evening. Imagine hiking towards the 2nd highest peak in the Malwa region at night with the light of the moon It’s an experience one you’ll always remember.

It is best to visit in a large crowd since it makes the atmosphere lively and is a more secure alternative. When it’s Kartik Purnima the temple is visited by a huge crowd of people and it’s probably the most ideal moment to visit the temple.

5. Mustang, Indore

#5 of 9 Best Places Visit in Indore at Night

Mustang located in Hotel Somdeep Place is by far the best-rated bar located in Indore and, in actual fact, it’s among the best options to spend a night there. The food here is delicious and if you’re in need of a few drinks, you’ll not be disappointed. The typical Wednesday night will include a live performance by a band or DJ. It’s the perfect way to take some time off from middle-of-the-week stress.

  • You must try Crispy corn and chilling chicken
  • Two-time cost 2 persons: Rs. 1500

6. Taberna The Cafe Bar, Indore

#6 of 9 Best Places Visit in Indore at Night

Taberna Cafe is one of the places you can visit every week and not be bored! Warm, spacious, and enjoyable music are just a few factors that will make you return to this cafe along with the amazing crowd. There is also a snooker and foosball table set up that will keep you busy, even though you may have to wait a bit to get your turn!

  • You must try Grilled chicken, cheese balls and mocktails, cocktails, and mocktails
  • Price for 2 users: Rs. 1200

7. Pitchers Cafebar, Indore

#7 of 9 Best Places Visit in Indore at Night

The design of Pitchers can be one of the things to grab your eye – it’s big The lighting is unique and the rooms are well thought of. Its brick-and-mortar design together with the high bar tools, and the delicious food is sure to make you want to come return. Another benefit of Pitchers is the dance floor, which is massive and makes sure that it doesn’t become crowded on weekends.

  • Must-try: Chicken cigar rolls & Alfredo pasta
  • Price for 2 Two persons: Rs. 1500

8. Hobnob Gourmet Cafe bar, Indore

#8 of 9 Best Places Visit in Indore at Night

The name cafe bar does not inspire you, but a look at the insides is sure to. The cozy and warm atmosphere is complemented by gentle music and dim lighting, Hobnob is one of the places to chat easily over a few drinks. The music on days is pretty mellow, and on weekends, you’ll be dancing. It’s among the most crowded bars that allow you to pick between indoor and outdoor seating, making it very well-known.

  • Must-try: Thin crust pizza, brownie & Mezze platter
  • Two-time cost Cost for two: Rs. 2000

9. Tic Tac Toe, Indore

#9 of 9 Best Places Visit in Indore at Night

The bar’s name will take you back to the days of youth when this sport was a favorite and one of the features of this bar that immediately makes you feel at home. It has a laid-back, chilled-out atmosphere, you’ll find many of Indore’s younger crowd in this bar. The ceiling is high and there are a lot of interesting paintings on the walls the décor of Tic Tac Tic Toe can be a bit overwhelming, but the food certainly surpasses it. The restaurant has large, comfy sofas and high-bar tools for seating The former will be a huge hit.

  • Must-try: Thukpa & Kolhapuri mutton chops
  • Two-time cost 1200 Rs. 1200


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