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2 unforgettable days in Rajasthan’s Golden City

For the golden city of Jaisalmer, words like culture, tradition, traditions, and legacy are frequently used. The region is rich in customs and cultural practices. As you are all aware, Jaisalmer is a city in Rajasthan, India, close to the Pakistani border. Due to the golden yellow sand that covers the city’s surface and the fact that every home is made of the same hue, it is also known as the “golden city” of the state. The most fantastic hotel in Jaisalmer will help you have a wonderful stay, and the best desert camp in Jaisalmer will give you an incredible desert experience while on your tour. The city offers a wide variety of things to do. I’ll 

talk to you about the principal

a Jeep Safari

You enjoy a fantastic vacation journey starting with an on and off-road with the happy jeep safari. You will have this really special adventure throughout your lovely journey with Jeep safari in Jaisalmer. While taking this journey, you may experience Jaisalmer’s stunning desert scenery.

Camp in the Desert

It is among the most daring activities in Jaisalmer. An incredible and delightful experience is provided by spending the night on the huge sand dunes beneath a starry sky. The experience is both exciting and relaxing. I had a fantastic time at the Luxury Desert Camp in Jaisalmer. I must insist that you get there soon.

Safari with podded camels

The incredible podded safari will take you on an adventure across Jaisalmer’s stunning desert as you discover everything it has to offer. You will locate the desert camp in Jaisalmer, I promise.

Delicious Food That Makes You Hungry

In Jaisalmer, you may eat some of the most well-known, authentic Rajasthani dishes in the whole world. Traditional, delectable dishes like Dal Bati Churma, Sangariya Sigh, Kadi Sagra, and other street food can be found in the streets’ brilliant colors.



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